The Maggie and Laura Podcast
The Maggie and Laura Podcast-Episode 51

Maggie and the Dude get hitched; guests getting freaky in the family bathroom; and grandma going for midnight ass.

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The Maggie and Laura Podcast-Episode 50

Tree climbing cats; What the heck is "Elf on a Shelf"?; Testicle of Lights; and Maggie makes a date with the AT&T guy...all in Episode 50!

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The Maggie and Laura Podcast-Episode 49

#gingerproblems, the turDICKen and Grandma says “Eat my…” in Episode 49!

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Chicken pox laced lollipos, The Dude gets waxed and "We've decided on a name...Boleslaw"

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Quick celebrity divorces, tales from Laura’s Halloween and an “interesting” secret ingredient in the cookies…all in Episode 47!

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The Maggie and Laura Podcast-Episode 46

We've been talking about it for a while and we finally did it...Episode 46 is front of a live studio audience!

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The Maggie and Laura Podcast-Episode 45

Laura being sick means we get to hear her Demi Moore voice in Episode 45.  Plus, is "The Dude" an illegal?  And "He's the only guy I've ever considered mutilating".

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The Maggie and Laura Podcast-Episode 44

Maggie melts The Dude's TV; a sperm bank hating on red heads; and what the hell is with Lester Holt's glasses????...all in Episode 44!

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The Maggie and Laura Podcast-Episode 43

"Go the Blank to Sleep"; tranny porn and who's password is "Laura has nice boobs"?... all in episode 43!

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The Maggie and Laura Podcast-Episode 42

Who talks about their S.T.D. and who won't eat Schweddy Balls?  Find out in Episode 42 of The Maggie and Laura Podcast!

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