The Maggie and Laura Podcast
The Maggie and Laura Podcast-Episode 35

Russell Crowe sightings; I'll come "blank" you at 7; and Maggie discovers just how disgusting "The Dude" is.

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A 'mini' show was recorded because NCTV 17 was at the Naperville Studios interviewing the girls.  Enjoy a brief Episode 34.5!

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The Maggie and Laura Podcast-Episode 34

Laura's confused about gang bangs; thimble sized cock art; and Leslie from Facebook got pregnant from teriyaki stir fry.

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The Maggie and Laura Podcast-Episode 33

Episode 33 has some HILARIOUS mom related "damn you auto corrects"; Maggie never got to ride in the giant skate; and Laura's dog makes it to the horrifying discovery list.

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